NEWS: The new limited edition Babybird album 'Fake Blood' available to pre-order now

Following on from acclaimed albums and a well received UK tour in 2019, Babybird begins another year and another decade of music with the upcoming album 'Fake Blood'. With recording currentl underway underway, it's available to pre-order now.
'Fake Blood' is the latest in a series of self-released albums available via Bandcamp. It comes in three different formats: a very special "blood bag" single CD, a signed double CD set featuring an additional album 'God Upside Down' as well as a 3CD set featuring bonus album 'Celebrity Oil', and a handpainted cover. These can be purchased now from Stephen's very own Bandcamp at:

A FREE taster featuring the new track 'Celebrity Oil' and snippets of new tracks from 'Fake Blood' is available to download now at

'Fake Blood' arrives just a few months after the self-released albums 'Cigarette Candle', 'I Was Born Again', 'Dead', 'Jesus Loves You', as well as the critically acclaimed LP 'Photosynthesis'.