ALBUM: Babybird - I Was Born Again

Self Released via Bandcamp
August 2019


1. Spineless T Shirt
2. Heavern
10. Floored
11. Old Age
12. Govn. Song
13. Out Of Control
14. Believe In
15. The Earth Is Flat
16. Bad Dreamer
17. I Bet Your Life
18. Cliche
19. I Love It
21. Ghostsheet
22. Born Under A Stone
23. Bad Ending
24. hidden track

One of three different albums recorded in recent months, this is another one of Babybird's "lo-fi" releases. This time, the music itself comes from rediscovered instrumental tracks made in the 90s, while vocals were recorded in 2019. The album was made available to order as a limited edition CD on Bandcamp a few months ago, with all copies selling out. A 2CD version was available, including the other new Babybird album 'Cigarette Candle' (see HERE), as well as a very limited 3CD tin including both these and the second Apple Android album.

More albums, and signed and personalised limited edition CDs will be available in the future, ONLY at