ALBUM: Babybird - Cigarette Candle

Self-Released via Bandcamp
August 2019


1. Cigarette Candle
4. You Are My Celebrity
5. How To Feel
6. Whatever You Think Of Me
7. On The Other Side Of The Door 
8. I Am Your Mistake
9. She Died
10. Song For Two Old Friends
11. Like Before U
12. I Am A Mirror
13. Children
14. Ugly People
15. TV Girl
16. Turnaround
17. Assisted Breathing
18. Rush
19. Turn Of
20. (hidden track) Children (Reprise)

One of three different albums recorded in recent months, 'Cigarette Candle' is a sumptuous, melancholic beast. The album was made available to order as a limited edition CD on Bandcamp a few months ago, with all copies selling out. A 2CD version was available, including the new Babybird "lo-fi" album 'I Was Born Again' (see HERE), as well as a very limited 3CD tin including both these and the second Apple Android album.

Stream and download 'Cigarette Candle' HERE.

A work-in-progress download version of 'Cigarette Candle' can be found HERE.

More albums, and signed and personalised limited edition CDs will be available in the future, ONLY at