ALBUM: Apple Android - 'Apple Android 2'

The second album from Apple Android, AKA Stephen Jones. These 17 tracks were recorded over the last few months, along with the latest Babybird albums 'Cigarette Candle' and 'I Was Born Again'. The CD was made available on Bandcamp a few months ago, with all copies selling out. Apple Android 2 is also part of the limited edition 3CD set, which has also been sent out in the post this week.

1. Sorry I Was On Another Planet
2. I'd Go With Them Right Now
3. Robot Breaks Down At His Therapist
4. No Loves A Machine Unless Their Skin Is Real
5. God Kills Time Flying Radio Controlled Stars
6. Sofia
7. Robotic Girlfriend
8. Sunrise Is Officially Now Synthetic
9. The Sky Is Liquid Metal
10. The First Piano Bar On Mars
11. Microchips
12. A Conversation Between Non Humans (Listen to Bandcamp version HERE)
13. It Sung A Song (Listen to Bandcamp version HERE)
14. It's Weird But I Look Up And All I See Is Me
15. What In God's Name Is That?
16. Such Beauty Is Not Possible
17. Try Tomorrow (Listen to Bandcamp version HERE)