ALBUM: Arthritis Kid - 'I Am Not A Monster'

This evening sees the release of some brand new music to go alongside the new 'Photosynthesis' LP and the DIY release 'Cigarette Candle', which will be posted to people this coming week. The new Arthritis Kid album 'I Am Not A Monster' is a product of fate, recorded as an "apology" for the slight delay to 'Cigarette Candle' CDs being dispatched.

"I'm afraid 'Cigarette Candle' is taking a while longer as CDs have been printed back to front - I'm quite furious as I'm sure you are. All I can do while we wait for a reprint is a new album for you as an apology."

So there and then, Stephen Jones recorded the new Arthritis Kid album in less than a day.

You can download it at Bandcamp for free, or whatever price you wish to pay for this beautiful set of tracks.