NEWS: New limited edition Babybird DVD 'Deranged Visual Delight' available now

The recent, critically acclaimed Babybird compilation 'Happy Stupid Nothing' is now available with a bonus DVD 'Deranged Visual Delight', featuring three music videos, a short film by Stephen Jones and live gig footage from earlier this year.

If you already own 'Happy Stupid Nothing' then we're not going to make you buy it twice to get the bonus DVD like others would. The 'Deranged Visual Delight' is also available to buy separately here:

A very limited number of rare Babybird items also went up on Bandcamp today, and most sold out quickly. These included copies of the Bad Shave book, 'You're Gorgeous' 7" singles, and the 'Black Ghost' album from earlier this year. However, for those of you who missed out on the brilliant Live DVD from Babybird and , filmed last year at ... There's also a budget edition of the Live DVD available now, for just a fiver. And it's signed by himself. If that isn't a bargain then what is? There are only a few left. Get one here: