Babybird - Double A EP: 'Fireflies/Getaway'

Released 18 Sep 2000
Animal Noise Records

1 Fireflies 3:43
2 Getaway 5:02
3 Bad Habit 4:17
4 To Die For 3:19
5 First Man On The Sun (Mark Gamble Remix) 5:02

A new Babybird e.p. is set to hit the shops on Monday 18 September. Released on the Animal Noise label, the e.p. will feature "Fireflies" and "Getaway", as well as the previously unreleased "Bad Habit" and "To Die For" plus an unreleased version of "First Man On The Sun". Although the e.p. is available from all good indie stores, it is a limited edition, so catch it while you can...

Listen to the tracks below

Review rom The Bad Pages:
"Accordingly, this release was the prime cause of the split between Babybird and Echo as the label management somehow could not find time in their schedule to fit in this third single carrying two tracks from Bugged. So this split brings us this 5 track EP – the format itself a welcome pleasure after an atrocious era of 3 track singles to fit the UK charts and to bugger fan-economy and fragment coherence between the extra tracks (i.e. go and buy the 4-5 track Euro-singles instead).

Anyway, as the title implies this disc contains two songs from Bugged; the uncanny but novel childishness of Fireflies and the more typical over-produced, thunderous ballad of Getaway. The real treat here, though, is Bad Habit. A bloody depressed semi-acoustic song of a sexual relationship going to hell (January 5, 1999/You get into your side/I get into mine). Who ever said that Babybird cheered up in 2000?

To Die For is yet another distinctive Jones balled – nice but merely done on routine. The Mark Gamble remix of First Man on the Sun is a kind of post-jungle with dispersed beats and loopy and fragmented vocal samples. Not for all tastes…

But still this a nice collection of songs. If not only for Bad Habit, then at least for the EP format."