Babybird - No Cameras

Babybird - No Cameras
Released 20 May 2019
RW/FF Recordings

For the first time in 21 years, Babybird will be releasing a vinyl LP.
'Photosynthesis' is out on 19 July 2019.

Spellbinding melancholy flows through the blue moods and blissful musical flourishes of the single 'No Cameras', which comes with a suitably tranquil music video.

'Photosynthesis' will be available as a limited edition gatefold vinyl LP, and will be released on the RW/FF Recordings label.

It's dark and beautiful. 
It's strange and melodic. 
It's not what you expected.

Arriving just months after the critically acclaimed 'Happy Stupid Nothing' compilation, 'Photosynthesis' is something very different. Although many people weren't aware he was even still making music, throughout this decade Stephen Jones has been quietly building himself a reputation as one of the music world's most prolific artists. Here are ten tracks, all self-recorded in recent years. 

Order it now at or from selected independent record stores. Buy the LP from the online store and you will receive the single 'No Cameras' and the digital-only bonus track 'Photosynthesis' as instant downloads.

In addition to the release of the LP, there will also be a number of other Babybird releases over the coming months. 'BB​/​AA​/​LOFI Future Taste' is a sampler containing several brand new songs, which can be downloaded FREE at