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"Babybird's new album 'Bugged' is released on 12th June 2000. Its already had some great reviews including this one from NME:

"This really is one of the most fantastically life-affirming albums you'll hear all year, an awesomely emotional listening experience." NME

- Select Magazine


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Album Reviews
Babybird - Bugged

After the dark and highly impressive 'There's Something Going On', Babybird's Stephen Jones seems to be heading for the mainstream with 'Bugged'. The mood here is much more joyful; one only has to look at titles such as 'Wave Your Hands' (it even has the gall to include the lines 'Throw our hands in the air.. Like you just don't care') 'All I Want Is Love' and 'The Way You Are' to realise that the central theme isn't about murder this time. However, despite the dodgy song titles and banal lyrics, Jones has produced something of a triumph here; the choruses are big, bright and memorable although essentially throwaway and beneath those vomit-inducing sentiments lie memorable tunes which retain a rugged charm mainly due to Jones's cracked-up vocals. The overall feeling is that, although this appears to be a sellout, it does it quite admirably and with some style.
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Album Reviews
Album Reviews
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