NEWS: 'NOTPOP Outtakes' EP - free download

Five brand new tracks by Babybird. A marvellous and unexpected Good Friday surprise.

Can you say no to such great music when it's also FREE? Five new songs, including a radically different reworking of the UK Top 40 hit 'The F Word'.  It also features three alternative versions of songs taken from the new Bandcamp album 'NOTPOP/Toothpaste For The Soul', as well an exclusive new track from the second Apple Android album. In case you didn't know, Apple Android is another one of many aliases used by Stephen Jones.

Plenty more to come from this man in 2019... Prolific is an understatement.

You can listen to the EP below, and download it for free. Of course, if you wish to you can also pay whatever you like to support one of music's most prolific artists.