Live Recordings and Radio Sessions - contributions wanted

Aside from the Austria 2000, Cambridge 1998 and the Electric Ballroom recordings, none of these shows are currently available. If anybody has any of these recordings, please contact us at

From The Bad Pages

Babybird toured extensively in the 90′s and onwards, and thouch this is not reflected in the number of live recordings, we have a pretty good list of gigs taped by fans or radio stations. The bulk of these recordings cover the 1997 tours in the UK and Continental Europe. If you are in possession of a Babybird live recording not featured on the list below – especially from 1998 and onwards – then do drop me a mail at once. 


 Radio Sessions 1995-1998 

 Club Lek, Amsterdam, 16. April 2003
 Concert Planet Claire, 10. March 2003 

 Benisàssim, Spain, 4. August 2000
 Barfly Sessions, London, 2. August 2000
 Dingwalls, London, 6. July 2000
 FM4 Radio Festival, Austria, 1. July 2000 

 Black Session, France, 5. october 1998
 RNCM, Manchester, UK, 1. October 1998
 Cambridge Junction, UK, 27. September 1998 


 Pukkelpop Festival, Belgium, 23. August 1997
 Belfort, Eurockeennes, France, 5. July 1997
 Café de la danse, Paris, 23. May 1997.
 Coimbra Festival, Portugal, 14. May 1997
 Astoria, London, 17. March 1997
 Loft Club, Berlin, 9. Febraury 1997
 Stadium Club, Stockholm, 5. February 1997
 Melkweg, Amsterdam, 2. February 1997
 Luxor, Köln, Germany, 30. January 1997 

 Electric Ballroom, London, October 30th 1996
 London Astoria, 11. November 1996 

 La Cigale, Paris, 04 November 1995 

The Missing Boots 

 These are some of the live recordings that I have heard of in one place or another but, if they indeed exist, have still not been accounted for here. Perhaps you might have some on them lying around. 

 19-07-1996: Phoenix Festival
 15 min.
 This is a short extract aired on BBC 1 sometime back in 1996. 

 Köln – Popkom`97 – 17-08-1997
 Köln/Neumarkt – Ringfest von EinsLive zur Popkom`97) 49 Min
 Not too sure about this one. Could be a FM broadcast from the Popkom one-day festival. 

 Leeds City Varities – 25-9-1998
 79.41 min. Tracklist: 1. july, 2. the life, 3. too handsome to be homeless, 4. back together, 5. bad old man, 6. you will always love me, 7. if you’ll be mine, 8. 45 and fat, 9. swinging from tree to tree, 10. sunshine, 11. first man on the sun, 12. all men are evil, 13. take me back, 14. dead bird sings, 15. i was never here, 16. cornershop, 17. you’re gorgeous 

 Someone once mailed me claiming to have recorded this one and promised a quick trade. After some correspondence (where the tracklist above was revealed) I never heard from the guy again. Pretty strange. Apparently, this is an audience recording with ‘very good sound’. If it actually exists. 

 Colchester Arts Centre – 18-1-1996
 audience recording 

 Stockton Arc – 25-7-2000
 audience recording. 

 Italy ?-?-????
 Ages ago someone mentioned a bootleg of an italian gig in the forum?? 

 Barfly Session 3-8-2000
 Hi quality version. I only have the Real Audio version which has been circulated for a while Someone, somewhere must have transferred his or her VHS copy to digital. If not, do it! 

 Full/unedited versions of all Radcliffe/bbc sessions (not 12.12.95).
 I have all of these on Moey’s Radio Sessions CDs. Would like the full shows though. 

 13-03-2000: London/BBC Maida Vale Studios/Evening Session
 21 Min. This is the last ever evening session for BBC. I’m surprised it hasn’t turned up anywhere. Been trying to get hold of this for years, but with no luck. Only seen it on one trading list ever. 

 Any videos or DVDs 

 I have recently been mailed VHS and DVD copies of live performances, TV-appearances, and various live sessions. I’m still in the process of sorting out what to do with all these. Some of it is truly wonderful. Anything on VHS should be made digital soon and I know at least two people are doing this with very low generation copies. I don’t have either the skills or the equipment to make digital transfers yet