INTERVIEW with The Bad Pages: "2012 was the tip of the iceberg"

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"2012 was the tip of the iceberg..."

Four full albums and more than 80 previously unreleased outtakes and soundtracks! Here’s the complete overview of Stephen Jones’ going-ons in the last year and a few words about his new musical about a bar (and a toilet).

Not only did he tour the UK and bury Babybird (again), He also set the Black Reindeer on the loose, and 2012 turned out as the year when Stephen Jones finally took up digital distribution of his seemingly immeasurable back catalogue and brand-new endeavors through his Bandcamp homepage.

“It was so easy [to set up the Bandcamp page] and I thought instead of sitting around twiddling my thumbs (I have 3) until I make the studio album, I could release music that might never see the light of day. It’s the tip of the iceberg,” Stephen Jones told on New Years day.
Plans for 2013 includes a new studio album and he’s scoring a new film called Down Dog and working on a musical about a bar/toilet:
“Not a shit Westend-Cats musical. Something more like Dancer in the Dark or even Sweeney Todd which I liked a lot,” Stephen says.

ATIC Records has also announced a second Death of the Neighbourhood album next summer, and there’s talk of a novel called A Limited Capacity for Wonder.

Below you’ll find a full overview of new releases from his various guises and in 2012.

Black Reindeer: Music From the Film That Never got Made
Debut album by Black Reindeer. 16 breaths of mildly polluted air, the liner notes tells us. ”Response is good, but again there’s no press as yet as I don’t have label back up for it. It’s just through twitter which is limited. My conviction is that something will catch a little fire and blow up. Thats the only reason for persisting. I never blow my own trumpet, but i’m a bloody good persister,” Stephen says. Released 28 October

Black Reindeer: Real life is Overrated
Second album by the reindeer. “Grab yourself a gun – shoot out the lights – pop your mp3 player into its dock – lie back on the psychiatrist’s couch and trip into the ether of impure escapism. It is hard to believe that the first Black Reindeer album could be ecilpsed.” Released 07 November

Black Reindeer: The End of Space
Four tracks by stephen jones on synthesisers and moogs recorded on Venus late 2012. “A slight smell of burning may be experienced but will add to the sensory feel.” Released 05 November

Black Reindeer: God Bless You America
A track written in the immediate aftermath of the defeat of Mitt Romney. Released 07 November

Death of the Neighbourhood: DOTN REDOX
DOTN REDUX is conceived and compiled by ATIC Records’ Aim (Andy Turner) and blends the first Death of the Neighbourhood album with a selection of all-new material. New tracks includes ‘And the Children Sang a Song That Never Ended’, ‘Elvis Is Coming’, ʼKill What You Love’ and ‘The Big Yellow M’. Released 24 December 2012

Babybird: Can’t Love You Anymore
The only single from The Pleasures of Self Destruction and a digital-only release with no extra track or other goodies. The CD promo only includes the single edit. Released 6th february 2012

Babybird: Fuck You Father Xmas
Three track digital-only single including two old tracks from the lo-fi era (Fatherhood’s Goddamn It You’re a Kid and ‘I Wanna Be Your Jesus Christ’ from Black Album (originally entitled ‘Devil Music’) plus one newer and (hitherto unreleased track titled ‘The devil’s in the Retail (Gimme Gimme Gimme). Released 07 December 2012

Stephen Jones: Blessed soundtrack
The full debut score consisting of 33 instrumental cues released after eight years in the vault. Released 24. December

Stephen Jones. The Bad Book Soundtrack
This music was played under Stephen Jones’s book readings for his first novel ‘The Bad Book’ all over the country and discovered in an old bag of 4 track cassette tapes. Released 25 October

Stephen Jones: Almost Cured of Sadness
Four previously completely unreleased tracks from Stephen’s debut ‘solo’ album made their way on to the bandcamp re-release: ‘F.U.’, ‘Sadness Does Have a Home’, ‘Sugarlungs’ and ‘Plastic Bag’. Re-released October 2012

Stephen Jones: Rubber Pills – 1985 – 2012
This compilation of Stephen Jones’s two three inch treble and quadruple albums, “Stephen Jones 1985-2001” and “Plastic Tablets 2002” includes four previously unreleased tracks: Sexy La Moon, Daisy Chainsaw, The City Swamp, Ever Rising II and Car Death no.3052889, and two extented versions: The rice trail and Throw a Little Gas On the Fire. Released 22 November 2012.

Stephen’s personal highlight in 2012 was the gig at Leicester square and the tour in February.
“My voice held up and the audience were close to hysteria. Great experience.”
Unison Music is currently taking order for a live DVD entitled The End is Here recorded at the show in London.