ALBUM: Stephen Jones - Blessed (Original Soundtrack)

blessed-cover(Review from The Bad Pages)

Restrained, repetitive and a pretty good listen too. Stephen Jones’ icy Blessed soundtrack is released after eight years in the vault.

It’s Stephen Jones’ first soundtrack score, and listering in today to the full soundtrack consisting of no less than 33 untitled cues reveals a saturated and fittingly uncanny experience.

It’s incredibly sinister and very restrained and minimal compared to Jones’ other ‘soundtrack’ releases and his recent Black Reindeer project.

It certainly does the job in creating a bleak and unsettling atmosphere with it’s flow of chiming glockenspiel, childrens’ whispers and abstract, rural synth-scapes (though a less friendly reviewer here thought the score was making him want to do some light yoga or maybe paint a fruit-bowl…)
You can buy it in a digital format of your choice from Stephen’s Bandcamp site. You just pay what you think the trip is worth for you.

The film itself is a pretty forgettable (I’m being nice here) and not very scary reworking of the themes you already know from Rosemary’s Baby (the shameless working title was ‘Samantha’s Baby’!)  and The Omen (IMDB synopsis: “A fertility clinic visit becomes an unfathomable nightmare for a woman who’s impregnated with the devil’s DNA…”) starring Heather Graham, Andy Serkis and David Hemmings (who died during the shooting in Romania).