ALBUM: Ex-Maniac


Released 1 March 2010

01. Like Them (4.10)
02. Drug Time (3.55)
03. Failed Suicide Club (3.42)
04. Unloveable (4.19)
05. Send Me Back My Dreams (2.35)
06. For The Rest Of Our Lives (3.40)
07. Bastard (3.31)
08. Roadside Girl (4.21)
09. Black Flowers (3.38)
10. Not Good Enough (4.11)
11. On The Backseat Of Your Car (5.31)

Bonus tracks (iTunes Europe download only)

12. The Wrong Song (3.54)
13. Isn’t Love Wonderful (4.07)

Unreleased demo
Drink You Back

"It’s about trying to abandon demons, whilst not losing edge" says Stephen. Babybird’s fifth studio album was released on March 1st 2010 on Unison Music.

Release trivia

 The album will be preceded by the single Unloveable on February 15th
 First mentioned in an interview with in november 2008: Q: What projects are you working on right now? A: An album in L.A. with a friend of Johnny Depp. This quote later turned into news stories on Clash Music and

 This is Stephen’s first album on Unison Music, a label owned and operated by Bruce Witkin and Ryan Dorn. The label was set up in 2006.

 Ex-maniac is Unison Music’s first album released in the UK

 The album is produced by Bruce Witkin. He has toured with Adam Ant and recorded L.A. Guns… Witkin also played guitar on Babybird’s four date tour in the UK in November 2009.

 Johnny Depp directed the Unloveable promo video and plays guitar on the song. Stephen: “I’ve met him [Johnny] over the years and he introduced me to Bruce Witkin, his friend he used to be in a band with when they were 17 or 18. Music’s Johnny’s first love.”

 Johnny Depp: EX-MANIAC will be the album of the year. “He’s a national treasure, if you’re British. For everyone else, he’s a diamond waiting to be found. Lyrically, he’s black as night, brilliant and sharp as a razor.”

 Stephen created, conceived, filmed, edited and presented a 7 minute video clip called Ex-Maniac prior to the album release. The clip was removed from the official site a few weeks later (but shamelessly ripped and uploaded to YouTube by

 The online community was set up and launched by Unison Music in October 2009.

 Like Them was make available at as an exclusive download in October 2009.

 Cover art started appearing online in late October 2009.

 Tracklist was posted on Wikipedia on november 15th, 2009

 Babybird’s short UK tour in november 2009 featured new song Black Flowers, Failed Suicide Club, Like Them, Drugtime, (Handsome) Bastard and Unloveable in the setlist.

 Promos of Unloveable and Ex-Maniac started circulating in January 2010

 The song ‘Isn’t Love Wonderful’ dropped from the final tracklist before release. Becomes a B-sides to Unloveable instead.

 12. Feb 2010: Full album previewed on Yahoo Music.

 15. Feb 2010: Available on US iTunes now.
 Entered UK charts at Number 167.

Bass: Bruce Witkin
Drums: Adam Marcello (tracks: 4, 8, 10, 11) , Bruce Witkin (tracks: 6) , David Goodstein (tracks: 7) and Rob Klonel (tracks: 1, 2, 3, 7)
Guitar: Bruce Witkin , Johnny Depp (tracks: 4) Stephen Jones
Horns: Lee Thornburg (tracks: 11)
Keyboards: Bruce Witkin, Stephen Jones
Mastered By: Stephen Marcussen
Mixed By: Bruce Witkin, Ryan Dorn
Producers: Bruce Witkin, Ryan Dorn
Recorded by: Bruce Witkin, Ryan Dorn
Written by: Stephen Jones

 “I made it in LA and it was kind of paid for by Johnny Depp – it’s the best production of any album I’ve ever had. It’s got quite an American feel to some of the songs which I didn’t plan. I hope every song I write is different but you can’t change your voice that much so that always brands it as a Babybird record”