ALBUM: Between My Ears There’s Nothing But Music

Released September 2006


1. Too Much
2. Dive
3. Snails
4. Old Skin
5. Little Things
6. 70
7. Lighter ‘N’ Spoon
8. Divorce Song
9. Shoutabout
10. Better Than Love
11a. Beautiful Place
11b. I’m Gone (untitled and unindexed)
12: Life*
13: Sing it Away*
14: Ringtone*
(* Bonus tracks only on European version)

15: Crewing Gum (Unreleased outtake

Babybird’s fourth album is mainly about the loss of innocence.
Released in September 2006 and reissued in February 2008 in Europe with three extra tracks.

The mystery outtakes
Besides the three bonus tracks included on the German version of this album and the Lighter ‘N’ Spoon iTunes single, two other non-album track were made available. A different mix or working demo of Shoutabout was available as an ‘MSN exclusive download’, perhaps as a bonus track to an online single version of Too Much. 

The other track - and one much more interesting - is called Chewing Gum and was completely unknown to me until it was mentioned on the official site. This was probably also available as a temporary exclusive download on some internet retailers. However, I do know that it’s a very beautiful song with a chorus that goes “Between My Ears There’s Nothing But Music and when I’m happy I use it“, and that an instrumental version turned up on the Death of the Neighbourhood album called The Town of Half Finished Buildings. 

Production history:

 In January 2005, Dave Taylor (Stephen’s manager) tells that there’s finally a start date for recording at February 1st – with hopes to have it all done by late March.

 Recordings for this “proper album” is financed by Chrysalis, who are still Stephen’s publishers.
 Circa March to May 2005, Stephen is “pumping up the demo-muscles” in a studio in Norfolk with Babybird members Luke Scott and Rob Gregory.

 By May 2005, Dave Taylor tells that it “sounds classic” – more in the vein of the older Babybird canon than latest solo album, Almost Cured of Sadness.
 After finishing in Norfolk, recordings continue for a while in Pisa, Italy.

 Pisa recordings finished by early June 2005.

 In August 2005, Stephen tells that “the new album is being mixed at a murderous pace, in high Wycombe…being hacked up, mutilated, and lovingly reassembled into a 10-12 track album”. As soon as the album is ready, the search for a record label begins – and follow it with gigs this year.
 December 2005: “we are in the midst of looking for a deal, with mostly good meetings, but with xmas upon us, companies tend to melt down into a mass of greatest hits and reissues, and lovely it all is too”

 March 2006: “hard work finding a label…might have to put it out ourselves…keep you posted.”
 June 2006: Rumours of a gig in Edinbourgh, the first since 2000.

 July 13: BBC 6 Music’s Giddeon Coe is the first to play a track from the album, Snails. The title, Nothing But Music Between the Ears, is also releaved along with release date in september.

 Sep 2006: Between My Ears There Is Nothing But Music hit the shops and is followed by a short tour in Britain.
Dec 2007: First news of a ‘Continental version’ in early 2008 followed by a European tour in Germany, Austria and Switzerland 

 Feb 2008: The album is released in Germany by Pop Up Records with three bonus tracks. No tour is realised, though some ‘local’ promotion is arranged.