ALBUM: Baby Bird - The Black Album

Released 18 November 2002

1. Black Intro / It Ended The Way It Began (1.43)
2. Stick it in Me / Come Home (1.44)
3. Coming Alive / Under Your Life (1.55)
4. Unswayed / Give me Something…I’m So Tired (2.30)
5. Hum / Permanent Blindfold (1.23)
6. Get in the Light / Kitchen (2.49)
7. When the Lights Go Out / My Last Seconds on Earth (2.15)
8. The Sun Is Shining / Sunshiner (2.58)
9. Cheap Gold (3.24)
10. Pretty Little Sparks / Pretty Little Xmas Sparks (2.44)
11. Devil Music / I Wanna Be Your Jesus Christ (2.08)
12. Someone Left the Gas on / Take Me Away (The Gas Song) (2.10)
13. Always Here / You Will Always Be Here (2.09)
14. Can’t Breath the Same Air / Your last breath (2.21)
15. Drunk Car (2.03)
16. The End of Life / Harry and Ida Say Goodnight (6.17)

The unilluminared and sunless after-life album filled with glorious melodies, eccentric wordplay, bleak soundscapes and Jones’ ghostly vocals. Released November 18th 2002. These are the 4 track recordings made in a bedroom and on a kitchen table

Trivia from The Bad Pages

 This release contains 16 untitled trakcs with absolutely no clarifying details provided on the black cardboard sleeve.

 The tracklist here is from a Sanctuary promo. iTunes and other online music databases lists a fan-made list.

 In october 2012 Stephen put the album for sale on Bandcamp with different titles (secondary titles above).

 In the life cycle theme contained within the 6 albums of baby bird recordings, this is the unilluminared and sunless after-life album. In the liner notes for The Original Lo.Fi Stephen calls this album a CD zombie.

 Allmusic: “The Black Album is every bit as chock-full of glorious melodies, eccentric wordplay, and Jones’ touching, sweet vocals. Pianos twinkle eerily over bleak soundscapes, Jones intones alternately with deep tones, high-pitched screeches, and fuzzed-out cacophony; hip-hop beats mingle seamlessly with music box dynamics, and tender personal songs recorded as song fragments work like the most epic pop creations ever recorded.”

 Only available in the Original Lo-Fi boxset

 The End of Life is a shorter version of Harry and Ida Swap Teeth released on the Goodnight single in 1996

 Drunk Car was originally released as 7″ single in 1999.

Catalogue numbers:
Baby Bird CD7 (unofficial)/CMYBX560/6 (‘The Original LO-Fi)
Sanctuary Promo: CMYBX560 (silver disc with black lettering housed in a transparent plastic sleeve with song titles printed on white cover sheet.