ALBUM: Ugly Beautiful


Released 21 October 1996 (UK)
  1. "Goodnight" – 2:53
  2.  "Candy Girl" – 3:56
  3.  "Jesus is My Girlfriend" – 5:24
  4.  "I Didn't Want to Wake You Up" – 5:15
  5.  "Dead Bird Sings" – 5:11
  6.  "Atomic Soda" – 5:08
  7.  "You're Gorgeous" – 3:42
  8.  "Bad Shave 2" – 3:27
  9.  "Cornershop" – 3:48
  10.  "King Bing" – 9:53
  11.  "You & Me" – 4:10
  12.  "45 & Fat" – 4:11
  13.  "Too Handsome to be Homeless" – 4:44
  14.  "July" – 3:46
  15.  15. "Baby Bird" – 5:01

    Bonus tracks and alternative tracks from international releases:
    5. Dead Bird Sings (5.12) (US album version: 4.24 – slightly remixed)
    9. Bad Shave 3 (+) (4.28)
    15. C.F.C. (+) (3.45)
    18. Bebe Limonade (^)
    19 Je suis un Imbecile Anglais (¤)

    Catalogue numbers:
    Echo UK CD: ECHCD11 (*)
    Echo UK MC:ECHMC11 (*)
    Echo UK LP: ECHLP11(*)
    Atlantic US CD: 83049-2 (+)
    (Released Oct.1997)
    Atlantic US LP: 83049-1 (+)
    Japanese CD: pccy-01042 (Pony Canyon)
    French CD: Label Service: 0724384274726 (^)
    F rech 2CD version (incl. 2 extra tracks): VISA 4010 (¤)
    German CD: Road Runner: rr8086042 (*)
    EU CD: MCA: mcd80136 (*)
    (Reached #9 in UK sales chart)
Trivia  (from The Bad Pages)

 Ugly Beautiful is the debut album by Babybird the band.

 Peaked at number 9 in the Uk Charts

 Goodnight, You’re Gorgeous, Candy Girl and Cornershop were released as singles.

 The band on this album includes Huw Chadbourn (keyboards), Robert Gregory (drums), John Pedder (bass) and Luke Scott

 US version was released in 1997

 US version replaces King Bing with CFC, it replaces Bad Shave 2 with Bad Shave 3, and US version of Dead Bird Sings is shorter and mixed differently

 Lo-fi tracks Goodnight, Candy Girl, Bad Shave, Cornershop, Too Handsome To Be Homeless, C.F.C. and Baby Bird were re-recorded for this album

 French version includes Bebe Limonade.

 Je Suis un Imb├ęcile Anglais is the incredible rare track only released on a two track bonus CD with Ugly Beautiful in France in 1996. Farmer is the other track. The song is typical homemade stuff of the cheap, weird and groovy kind not unlike Snake Caves – this time with Stephen trying out his best (or worst, probably) basic French phrases.

From Wikipedia:

Ugly Beautiful is a 1996 album by Babybird, the band's sixth, though their first for Echo Records. Released on 21 October, the album includes the singles "Goodnight", "Candy Girl", "You're Gorgeous" and "Cornershop". "You're Gorgeous" was a surprise top-three UK and international hit for the group. The album was written entirely by band-leader Stephen Jones. Many of the songs were written and recorded by Jones alone between 1988 and 1994. Several of the songs had been released in these demo incarnations on Jones' solo lo-fi work as Baby Bird that he did prior to forming the band with John Pedder, Robert Gregory, Luke Scott and Huw Chadbourn. The majority of the album was produced by Jones with Steve Power. Darren Allison and Ian Caple each produced a song.

The album was released on CD, Cassette and double-LP and received generally positive reviews. US editions differ from international versions with "King Bing" substituted for "CFC". The album charted at number nine on the UK Albums Chart, number fifteen on the New Zealand Album Chart, and was certified Gold by the BPI. The artwork was designed by Stephen Jones and DED Associates with photography by Al Levy.

Press Quotes:



The Babybird Story

Between attemps to act badly, usher in cinemas. And fail to get work as a factory stacker for Kelly Girl, stephen jones recorded 400 songs as a cure for laziness. From 1988 to 1994, songs and soundtracks were recorded onto four-track tape recorder, no bigger than a shoebox. for these six years, songs were recorded, without any idea or plan to release them. One drunken evening the idea to release five albums stuck the morning after. And four limited- edition lo-budget albums slipped out in 1995-1996 on Babybird recordings. based on the naive notion that ‘good shit’ shines brightly through ‘bad shit’, a sweet ‘n’ sour-smelling underground history was born, unplanned like a cheeky little bastard

Little over a year ago Babybird became five men. Five big brick shithouses playing delicate songs with puppy-soft fingers. Amplifying simplicity, and kicking the head off musicianship, and all the mystery that brings.
Ugly Beautiful
Is the result of this chemistry – in the studio, in the  bedroom, and on tour

Ugly Beautiful
Is an album of songs to annoy, enjoy  and employ God with.

God is the most successful famous person I know. The press can’t get near him, so I never get to read about him. They don’t bother to go after him, he’s invisible. Some churches even leave their doors open, but the only photographers going in, take instamatic supersnaps of icons nailed to wooden planes without motors.

 The closest I ever got to such religious flights of fancy was in the Costa del Sol. Someone had stuck a cutout of Branson’s face on a beautiful bust of God’s son. It was almost too good for a picture. I did have a good camera, but you can’t get photograph lies, however much you try. So there you have it – Ugly Beautiful – just a harmless little bit of fun. Nothing as bad as celibates having fantasies about Jesus.

 But admittedly some of this album features God – The big white metaphor for religion. But of it makes you feel better, I was made to sing in church as a child, and I had bad thoughts about Jesus all the time, so I did a simply trick. I just thought of him as a little Mexican fella. And there he was, in my head, as I lip-synced “To Be a Pilgrim”, slouched at a table at the Barsoul (an English bar owned by the reverend Hick Mucknall), sipping on the neck of a diet Pope or an orange Fatwa, fishing out a dead lime quarter from a can of Kestral Super Deluxe. And the fantasies worked – they actually managed to make me feel better.

 In a funny way, Babybird are religious – believing in something big and invisible, not in a big bird or a big man pee-weed-up in a yellow feather suit, but in something more like a hummingbird – there, not there, there, not there – scooping up nectar then defecating cornels all over the ground. Watching them seed and grow-up into trees for Babybird to write their songs on.
 Beaver’s last words

 Ugly Beautiful
 Is the search for perfection. Its like trying to kill flies with scissors. It’s impossible to stop the buzzing and the zizzing one, or even 15 slices of stainless steel Sheffield knife. It’s like trying to eliminate workmen, pneumatic drills, neighbours, car alarms without murder. If we ever got close to perfection, to chop the fly in half, I’d stick the little bugger’s head on a cocktail stick, and place it outside the king of flies house with his dung throne, to warn off all the other little irritations…… Ah. Now that’s life.