ALBUM: Babybird - 'Brain'

BUY DOWNLOAD Released 15 May 2020 Download Only brain by Stephen Jones 1. A short introduction 00:49 2. Pills for the past 03:08 3. Free of love 03:29 4. Buying a little time 04:33 5. Green squirrel 04:07 6. Little bitches 02:41 7. The sound of a gun 07:16 8. I am not at peace 02:49 9. Violent tendancies 05:13 10. The tube 02:58 11. Seance song 04:11 12. Not there when you need it 04:22 13. To be young again 03:44 14. Circle 04:10 15. Tied up inside you 03:32 16. Almost bought you back to life 03:03 17. Real friends 04:22 18. Can't find a way out of myself 03:15 19. Hospital bed 03:41 20. Women are magic 04:22 21. Women are magic (no voice) 04:22 Stephen Jones: "DOWNLOAD ONLY but if you imagine a spinning cd disc it may distract, and vinyl, well, presently, just imagine all the virus you can trap in those deadly grooves. for me while this is on, ears are a

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