ALBUM: Babybird - 'Brain'

Released 15 May 2020 Download Only
brain by Stephen Jones
1. A short introduction 00:49 2. Pills for the past 03:08 3. Free of love 03:29 4. Buying a little time 04:33 5. Green squirrel 04:07 6. Little bitches 02:41 7. The sound of a gun 07:16 8. I am not at peace 02:49 9. Violent tendancies 05:13 10. The tube 02:58 11. Seance song 04:11 12. Not there when you need it 04:22 13. To be young again 03:44 14. Circle 04:10 15. Tied up inside you 03:32 16. Almost bought you back to life 03:03 17. Real friends 04:22 18. Can't find a way out of myself 03:15 19. Hospital bed 03:41 20. Women are magic 04:22 21. Women are magic (no voice) 04:22
Stephen Jones: "DOWNLOAD ONLY but if you imagine a spinning cd disc it may distract, and vinyl, well, presently, just imagine all the virus you can trap in those deadly grooves. for me while this is on, ears are all you need for BRAIN"
"I played the hardened brain with wooden spoons. Then added guitar and piano and looped th…

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